BIO21 one of Specialists Manufacturing CHITOSAN

Fish scale OSSEIN product specification

ASH  :  less than 1%  

Moisture  content : less than 15 %

pH.  : 6-8

Source: saltwater fish scale  (sea bass) and  Tilapia fish scale  

From all kinds of saltwater fishes scale, the Tilapia fish scale, and all kinds of fresh-water fishes scale 

One of the specialists in manufacturing the fish scale OSSEIN products

We are specialists in OSSEIN's raw material (fish scale) preparation and management including the quality, and quantity of  OSSEIN products, we have a long term of getting involved in manufacturing CHITIN since 2004 (the OSSEIN process is similar to the CHITIN process), that is why our OSSEIN product's quality and quantity have been accepted from the COLLAGEN manufacturers.

Our goals of fish scale OSSEIN product

We are going to be a Collagen manufacturer within a few years from 2018. We have the intention to produce a good quality Ossein. Our main purposes in the production of a good quality fish scale Ossein for;

  • our final product COLLAGEN
  • support to the COLLAGEN manufacturers that need a good quality of fish scale OSSEIN for raw material. 

Production capacity

Fish scale OSSEIN production capacity: 240-360 MT per year.

Anyway, the production capacity is depending on the raw material (fish scale).

Packaging; PE bag net weight 10/20 KGS, FIBC bulk bag (Jumbo bag) net weight 200 KGS

Capacity loading  20ft :  6-8 MT, 40ft HQ : 20MT

BIO21 Fish scale Ossein packaging shipment 01

How to production a good quality of our fish scale OSSEIN product? 

Step 1 Preparation process - separate unknown material out from raw material (fish scale)

    • We have methods to separate size of fish scale
      Purpose for  to separate siz of fish scale (small, medium,big) 

    • Separate unknown materials out from fish scale by a separator  machine and human.

Step 2 Raw material cleaning

    • Fish scale cleaning  by fresh water many times and long time to make sure that fish scale clean

    • Fish scale cleaning by caustic soda (NaOH) to remove dust and fish mucus

      This process very important to produce a good quality OSSEIN and by-product Tricalcium Phosphate 


Step 3 Demineralization process

To extraction calcium out from fish scale and collected calcium for the Tricalcium phosphate product.

Step 4 Extraction other non-collagen proteins and pigmented out from fish scale

To purify the fish scale Ossein without non-collagen and pigmented and  adjustment rang of pH to be 6-8 


Step 5 Drying in the green house 

We have  a process drying in the greenhouse to protect contamination with unknown materials and quickly to dried.

Step 6 Fish scale Ossein QC and inspection

We have QC lab equipment to test ASH, Moisture and pH. Inspection to remove unknow materials out from the fish scale Ossein before using in-house Collagen production or ship to customer.

OSSEIN product properties specification and control

    • Moisture less than 15 %
      Moisture Content of the sample was determined by drying the sample at 105 c for 24 h or until the weight was constant. It was then calculated by the percentage of weight loss compared to the initial weight of the sample.
      Remark: this method was modified from AOAC 934.01.
      Drying Method ( A.O.A.C.1980 Page 125 )

    • pH 6-8
      PH Content of the sample was determined by storing the sample in hot water and stirring it for 10 minutes. It was then calculated by PH METER.

    • ASH less than 1 %
      Ash content of the sample was determined by storing the sample in a muffle furnace at 600 c for 24 h or until the weight was constant. Ash content was calculated from the percentage of ash residue compared to the initial weight of the moisture-free sample
      Remark: This method was modified from AOAC 938.08.
      Official Final Action Method ( A.O.A.C.1980 Page .125 )