in a superior form
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discover CHITOSAN in a superior form by a manufacturing specialist

BIO21 is one of specialists manufacturing CHITOSAN and CHITOSAN applications which products from chemistry technology, biotechnology knowledge including research & development with the experienced industrial production levels with the quality control system QMS standard.

We are manufacturer in industrial scale of;

CHITOSAN variances by Molecular weight/ Viscosity : % DD (Degree of Deacetylation) : Type of CHITOSAN (Alpha,Beta) or sources of raw materials
Food grade CHITOSAN,
Industrial grade CHITOSAN ,
medical device grade CHITOSAN; CHITOSAN spec L112
And well-know a medical device semi-finished product  L112 BIOPOLYMER.

We have been exporting our CHITOSAN products especially CHITOSAN spec L112 and L112 BIOPOLYMER to USA EU JAPAN and ASIAN since 2008.

We have experienced for long time in CHITIN production for raw material in-house production.

We have one category of dietary supplement finished product for consume L112 ABSORBITAL; reduce LDL cholesterol levels and reduce triglycerides fat